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Face it: Miami’s got it going on. It’s the place where the weather is great, the people are beautiful and the beaches are just calling you to kick back and relax. But all that vacationing sure does work up an appetite. Food truck mania has certainly hit many big cities like New York, and Miami is no exception to this. With so many culinary influences, you may need to go on a food truck tour in Miami.

Killer Pasta: Whoa! Killer Pasta isn’t a trying to commit some kind of felon act, but it sure is a cry to miss out on these delicious carbolicious treats. Carbs on the go is what you’ll find at Killer Pasta, which serves anything but typically Italian dishes. Taking its Latin influences with dishes like Shrimp & Manchego Ravioli, it’s a new take on pasta. P.S. Try the Blue Asparagus, with crumbled blue cheese, olive oil and champagne vinegar for the ultimate nomnomnom factor.

Nacho Bizness: Okay, take a few seconds to laugh or to try to understand the joke with the franchise name. Done? Alright, let’s get down to bizness at Nacho Bizness: the name speaks for itself. Actually, this isn’t just a place that serves nachos, but puts a nice spin on traditional mexican dishes. Try the Nacho Quesadillas, or the Spring Break Burrito with mahi mahi and tropical pineapple. The nice thing is, the aesthetics of the served dish is impressive, considering this is a food truck making it a feast for the eyes and the stomach!

Porkalicious: We don’t know what we like better, its clever and catchy name, the bright pink truck, or the food itself. How about, all of the above? Porkalicious serves Miami with its daily dose of pork at least that’s what their motto is. It’s an international menu with all takes on pork from the Lumpia- a Filipino styled spring roll with seasoned pork and veggies, or the favorite: Not your grandma’s chicharones: cuban styled fried pork skin. Oh, this is also the place where you can get some strange pork like desserts, like bacon ice cream and cupcakes. They sure weren’t kidding when they said everything is porkalicious here.

El Rey de las Fritas: Are you a fan of fried food? Meet, The King of Fried Food: Or El Rey de las Fritas. Technically, in Cuban culture, a frita is a cuban hamburger. The mixture of ground beef and chorizo, topped with grilled onions and fried potato sticks is enough to stalk this food truck. If you don’t feel like burning calories following this food truck, find their original location on Calle Ocho, the biggest Latin street in Miami.

HipPOPs: Miami is hot, and everyone knows it, especially residents. Cool down with some savory, soothing gelato. HipPops are not only delicious, but incredibly good looking treats. They are handcrafted treats that are customized by yours truly. Try a sample pop: Pick Hazelnut Gelato, dipped in Dark Chocolate and topped with crusted Almonds for the ultimate hipPOP treat. We love that all ingredients are locally made, fresh and gluten free. Also, they claim you will not get brain freeze from any of their products!

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