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The end of Black Friday begins a special time in New York City. Tourist season is at its peak when Christmas is around the corner, and for a good reason. It’s good to find ways to be holly and jolly when crowded tourist attractions can be anything but. Get your Christmas joy at these elaborate Christmas displays around town.

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree:
Standing tall at 74 feet, the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is probably locals and tourists favorite during the NYC Christmas season. Centered above the ice rink, this 78 year long tradition is a must for anyone booking flights to New York and visiting. Avoid the first night of the tree lighting ceremony, it gets so crowded every year, it sucks out the Christmas joy.

Botanical Gardens Holiday Train Show:
The Christmas season often brings lower temperatures and snow, but sometimes Mother Nature likes to treat us with nice weather. On a cool December afternoon, it is nice to see the Christmas display at the Botanical Gardens. Each year, visitors enjoy a unique display of model trains that zip over replicas of New York City landmarks made out of plant parts.

Saks Fifth Avenue Window Display: It would be lovely for Santa to bring us an unlimited gift card, or unlimited time in New York City, but if you don’t have either or, you have to make the best out of it. Window shopping is a favorite past time of locals who enjoy the city lights and late night shopping. Check out Saks Fifth Avenue Holiday windows with displays designed for all ages to enjoy. Extra bonus: It is conveniently across the street from Rockefeller Center.

Bryant Park Citi Pond: Bryant Park is notorious for its year-round awesomeness, since it has close proximity to Times Square. Christmas time is even more special with the Citi Pond Ice Rink. Thanks to Citibank, this winter delight is free! (Minus the cost of skate rentals) Just make sure to enjoy a cocktail at the nearby Celsius bar after, not before going on the rink.

Union Square Christmas Shops: Trying extra hard to find something special for someone this Christmas? In honor of all things that are small business and off the beaten path, check out the Union Square Holiday Shop for artisan delights. They are designed after the European holiday markets with colorful booths selling all sorts of unique gifts from homemade soy candles to elaborate afghans.


Photo: asterix611

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