Get ready America. It’s burger time. No matter where you are or where you’re headed in the U.S.A., great burgers are a standard. But the greatest of the great? Well, we reckon this list of every state’s best burger is a good starting point for your beef-bound quests.

Butch Cassidy’s Café in Mobile 

Winner of multiple awards locally and beyond, Butch Cassidy’s in midtown Mobile is famous for hearty fare served in generous portions. Most popular is the Butch Burger, a 9-oz “masterpiece” dressed with bacon, cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato, and pickles.

Tommy’s Burger Stop in Anchorage

Tommy’s burgers are designed to satisfy even the grizzliest of appetites. They feature 5.5oz patty of lean 100% USDA grade beef from Australia with Cajun seasoning and served on a toasted potato bun with mayo, crisp green lettuce, freshly sliced tomatoes, onions, and pickles.

Rehab Burger Therapy in Phoenix

Next time you’ve got the blues consider a session of burger therapy at this Phoenix institution famed for its lengthy list of burgers including the PBJ & Bacon, the Spicy Mac-N-Cheese and the Jalapeno Popper.

Tusk & Trotter American Brasserie in Bentonville

This Bentonville gastropub with seasonal dishes featuring locally sourced ingredients elevates American cuisine to a new level of yum. The burgers exemplify this as much as anything on the menu. Take the Where the Buffalo Roam burger for instance: ground bison patty, bacon, Swiss and Cheddar, sautéed mushrooms, onions, and peppers, over easy egg, chipotle aioli on a locally made bun.

In-N-Out Burger locations across the state

There are so many amazing burgers in California. To choose but one seems almost like sacrilege. But all burger lovers can agree that family-run fast food chain In-N-Out is a total Golden State treat.

Gray’s Coors Tavern in Pueblo

Once owned by Adolf Coors himself, this age-old tavern’s slopper (a burger smothered in chili) is a top choice for the tastiest burger in Colorado.

Louis’ Lunch in New Haven

Birthplace of the Hamburger Sandwich, Louis’ Lunch claims to be the first place to serve America’s first burger. It’s a bit proto, served on toast instead of bun, but so yummy and worthy of its place in history.

Restaurant 55 in Dover

So many burgers! So little time! The Lunch Counter Legend might be the tastiest pick though. A grilled burger with sautéed onion, Gruyere, 1000 Island dressing on sourdough bread is a dreamy reason to dine in Dover.

Charm City in Deerfield Beach

A chef-driven menu and commitment to serving only the highest quality 1/3lb burger patties blended in South Florida with USDA beef makes Charm City an ideal destination for a burger in the Sunshine State.

Holeman & Finch in Atlanta

Good luck finding a list of America’s top cheeseburgers that doesn’t include Atlanta’s Holeman & Finch! To give you a sense of the dedication to building a better burger, the restaurant’s bakery was partly conceived as an answer to making the perfect hamburger bun. But the guys behind this wildly popular restaurant could see no reason to mess with the ideal cheese for cheeseburgers already in existence. For the H&F cheeseburger, Kraft singles are used.

Morning Glass in Honolulu

Hawaii is paradise for burger lovers. So it wasn’t easy picking one place to say is the best in the state. But you can’t go wrong with the burger at Morning Glass. This friendly little café might be the top spot in the Honolulu area for coffee as well. Note: burgers are served during weekends and on select evenings only.

Big Jud’s in Rexburg

Big Jud’s “man size” burgers have achieved legendary status in the Gem State. Think you can down a 1 or even 2lb burger? Jud’s will serve ya one. But it’s not just about quantity. Quality is important too. The Boise area restaurant is highly regarded for its juicy patties and simple approach to making amazing burgers.

Au Cheval in Chicago

Be prepared to wait for a burger that many claim to be the best in Chicago (if not the entire U.S. or the whole world). But just what is that makes Au Cheval’s double cheeseburger so good? Is it the prime beef? The American cheese? Dijonaise sauce? House made pickles? The option of foie gras? Best get there early and have a taste for yourself to find out!

Working Man’s Friend in Indianapolis

After nearly a century of granting hamburger happiness to hungry residents of Indianapolis, Working Man’s Friend is still a great local diner with a friendly vibe and a menu accommodating big taste and small budgets.

The Cider House in Fairfield

This award-winning burger restaurant and cider pub does family owned farm to table beef and house made hard cider. Need we say more?

The Cozy Inn in Salina

Since 1922, Kansans have been buying juicy little Cozy Burger sliders “by the sack” and with good reason. They’re delicious (especially if you love onions).

Proof on Main in Louisville

This rather new restaurant in downtown Louisville is already a favorite. Much of its success is its Proof Bison Burger, a flavorsome home run hit with Cheddar, smoked bacon, and an apricot-y Jezebel Sauce.

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Cochon Butcher in New Orleans

Two all pork patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickle, onion on a sesame bun – all made from scratch – is a Cajun answer to your biggest burger desires.

Owls Head General Store in Owls Head

There’s not a whole lot to do in Owls Head, Maine. Good thing the burgers are so delicious! After, before or while having a look at the town’s iconic lighthouse be sure to enjoy the General Store’s gorgeous “seven napkin loaded” cheeseburger made of 6.5oz of beef and jam packed with lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, mayo, mustard, and ketchup.

Abbey Burger Bistro in Baltimore

Heading the Baltimore and craving a burger? Consider this Federal Hill mainstay for one of your meals (and then skip the next one or two because you’ll still be full). Best on the menu? It’s a hard call but the Baltimore Burger with Angus beef burger, homemade crab dip, Applewood bacon, and Chedda on a classic bun might have the edge.

White Hut in West Springfield

“What’s better than the Hut?” Since 1939, Massachusetts’ burger lovers have yet to come up with a sufficient answer to that question. They’ve yet to find a more affordable way to stuff their faces too. Great burgers at a great price served in a great non-pretentious setting makes White Hut a crowd pleaser worth your time to visit.

Krazy Jim’s Blimpy Burger in Ann Arbor

If you don’t mind waiting in line, head to Krazy Jim’s for a mega meal of house-ground beef burgers offered at student-friendly prices. If a single, double or even triple sized burger sounds like something for the uncommitted, go for a quadruple or quintuple (half pounder).

Matt’s Bar in Minneapolis

Minneapolis is home of the Jucy Lucy (two patties with a slice of cheese in the middle), and Matt’s has been doing ‘em right since 1954. For Midwest nostalgia with a great taste and no fuss, Matt’s Bar is the place!

Neon Pig in Tupelo

Hangry? You’ve come to the right place. Second only to the Elvis Presley, Tupelo’s most cherished icon is this down and dirty little dive doing justice to locally farmed meat with a hunka hunka menu fit for a king. When you go, have at the Smash Burger: a combination of aged filet, sirloin ribeye, New York and Benton’s bacon ground into a single (and massive) patty, served on a ciabatta bun with Benton’s bacon bits, Cheddar, quick pickles, pickled onion, hoisin sauce and comeback sauce. Lawd almighty!

Five Star Burgers locations across the state

To offer quality burgers made with 100% Black Angus beef is the guiding light for the family run Five Star Burgers. Despite its New Mexico origins, Five Star is a Show-Me State Stalwart.

Nap’s Grill in Hamilton

Folks in Montana take their burgers seriously and aren’t known for talking out of turn. For so many of Montanans to claim Nap’s is the best is not idle chatter. Come to Montana’s beautiful Bitterroot Valley for a 6 or 12 oz handmade patty of locally reared beef stacked with all sorts of toppings to taste for yourself.

Stella’s Bar & Grill in Bellevue

Get one of the best burgers you’ll ever have served on a paper napkin at this suburban Omaha bar and grill. Beef is big business in Nebraska, and to have the Nebraska Beef Council say Stella’s burgers are the best in the state comes with big bragging rights for this 80-year-old local haunt.

Holsteins Shakes and Buns in Las Vegas

Burgers get the glamor treatment at this happening Las Vegas restaurant. From The Classic (lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, ketchup and pickles) to the Billionaire Burger (Kobe beef, foie gras, port onion marmalade, frisee and truffle mayo) with a whole lot of inventive creations in between – there’s a burger here for everybody, with delicious chicken, fish and veggies options.

New Hampshire
Lexie’s Joint in Portsmouth

This Portmouth “joint” packs ‘em in with an impressive lineup of inventive burgers, craft beer, and friendly service. Unleash your inner beast with Lexie’s Wild Things burger: avocado, Muenster, bacon, tomato and Sriracha aioli.

New Jersey
White Manna in Hackensack

Next time you’re passing through Hackensack, grab a sack of Jersey’s best burgers. The simple and inexpensive sliders from White Manna are the real deal!

New Mexico
Santa Fe Bite in Santa Fe

Three words, green chili cheeseburger, should be reason enough to get your tuckus in gear and your fingers tapping to book a visit to New Mexico.

New York
Brindle Room in New York City

New York’s Brindle Room offers gastropub delights in mostly small, shareable dishes. Not so when you order this East Village stalwart’s signature burger: Sebastian’s Steakhouse Burger. It’s a big two-fister designed for one.

North Carolina
Johnson’s Drive-In in Siler City

Not much has changed since Johnson’s opened back 1946. Even the prices seem to be from a bygone era. But as the say down in North Carolina, if ain’t broke don’t fix it. For your back-to-basics burger fix, you can’t beat this classic small town diner.

North Dakota
Sickies Garage Burgers & Brews in Bismark

The Sickies burger menu features 50 juicy options. Some of the more noteworthy burgers include the Tater Tot Hot Dish (French style green beans, corn, cream of mushroom soup and tater tots), a burger version of eggs Benedict, a glazed doughnut burger, and the Brunch Burger (a breakfast sausage patty topped with a fried egg, hash browns, American cheese, peppered bacon and a drizzle of maple syrup on a toasted ciabatta).

Terry’s Turf Club in Cincinnati

Terry’s is renowned for ginormous burgers with a ridiculously long listed of possible toppings and sauces served beneath a neon glow and with a welcoming attitude.

Tucker’s Onion Burgers in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma heritage and Midwestern pragmatism adds to the flavor in every bite of a premium Oklahoma-style onion burger handmade with Black Angus beef. Hungry (and we mean really hungry)? Try The Mother Tucker featuring more than a pound of “beefy onion deliciousness” with three times the beef and onions. Add cheese for a cheesy Mother Tucker.

Killer Burger locations across the state

Every Killer Burger is 1/3 lb 100% beef and includes bacon. The most sensationally must-try burger from the menu has got to be the Peanut-Butter-Pickle-Bacon with slathers of smoky mayo and heaps of grilled onion.

Village Whiskey in Philadelphia

Craving a burger splurge? Consider The Whiskey King with maple Bourbon glazed cipollini, Rogue bleu cheese, applewood bacon, and foie gras served with a side of duck fat chips.

Rhode Island
Harry’s Bar & Burger in Providence

The sliders at Harry’s were the decider when choosing the tastiest burgers in Rhode Island. Sliders are made with freshly ground Hereford beef, pressed with onions served on a toasted potato roll with special sauce. Need help with your decision? Go for the M.O.A.B (Mother Of All Burgers) with beef, Harry’s classic cheese, hickory smoked bacon, portabello mushroom, and fried onion strings.

South Carolina
Husk in Charleston

Set in a restored Victorian mansion in historic downtown Charleston, Husk adds a touch of southern charm to its much-acclaimed cheeseburger with a soft sesame bun and locally sourced Benton’s bacon ground into its patty.

South Dakota
Black Hills Burger & Bun Co. in Custer

“Fresh ground, fresh baked” is the mantra at this fabled South Dakota mecca for beefy burgers prepped with top quality ingredients and minimal processing.

Hog & Hominy in Memphis

“Italian cooking” and “Southern roots” combine in a most delicious way at Hog & Hominy in Memphis. But more famous than its menu of foodie fusion are the burgers being served in its Holding Pen bar in the back of the restaurant.

Tookie’s Burgers in Seabrook

Tookie’s is a laid back beer and burger joint on Galveston Bay loved by locals and visitors alike for its comfort food served sans attitude. Perhaps the best menu item is the “moderately hot” Bean Burger, a beef burger with refried beans, crushed Fritos, Pace Picante Sauce, cheddar, and onion.

Lucky 13 in Salt Lake City

This SLC bar and restaurant has received all sorts of accolades for its burger menu. A great one for most occasions (just not first dates or before job interviews) is the Breath Enhancer topped with fresh garlic, rosemary, and Cheddar. For the especially hungry, there’s the Bear Burger made with 14oz of ground chuck topped with belizean habanero puree and roasted habaneros, then stuffed between two grilled cheese sandwiches loaded with caramelized onions, roasted jalapenos, and roasted habaneros. Whoa.

Prohibition Pig in Waterbury

Despite its New England location, Prohibition Pig is famed for its Deep South kitchen stylings. Case in point: the House Burger stacked high with pimento cheese, fried green tomato and applewood smoked bacon. Craft beer connoisseurs will love pairing their burgers with the Pig’s impressive selection of brews.

Ray’s Hell Burger in Arlington

This Metro D.C. burger joint serves big burgers to big fans, including former President Barrack Obama. “Hell Burgers” are made from aged, hand-trimmed, custom-round premium steak cuts charred to order over an open flame grill.

Nick’s Jr. Burgers in Everett

“Welcome to Burger Country,” home of Nick’s Jr. and its celebrated range of ¼ lb hand-made patties made with 100% fresh ground beef. Be sure to try Nick’s homemade mayo.

West Virginia
Avenue Eats in Wheeling

“Elevated casual fare” is the show at this neighborhood diner. Breakfast burger? Black bean slider? Poutine? Classic? There’s a burger for all tastes at this Mountain State fave. All beef is sourced from grass fed beef.

Solly’s Grille in Milwaukee

Ever had a butter burger? It’s a Milwaukee thing and one that originated at Solly’s Grille. Comprised of a sirloin patty with Wisconsin butter and stewed onions, it’s rich!

The Bird in Jackson

Big juicy brisket burgers served betwixt an English muffin with all sorts of awesome toppings and complemented with a panoramic mountain view.

What do you think of our list? Did we leave your favorite burger out?

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