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Eagle Beach


Aruba is “One Happy Island” and there’s no shortage of finding white, sandy beaches where you can relax and enjoy a proper Aruba Ariba– the local signature drink. But Aruba’s incredible beaches are truly where it’s at. People from all over the world book flights to Aruba for that slice of perennial sunshine, and the greeting from the locals called Bonbini.

In my opinion, here are the top five best beaches in Aruba:

Baby Beach: This is a little paradise on one end of the Island (the extreme East side) and it’s a great little place for snorkeling and enjoying some brilliant blue shallow waters with the family. If you’re into snorkeling, you’ll love the many schools of parrot fish as well as the sightings of the Divi trees on the shore.

Travel tip: pack a picnic lunch to bring with you, or relax in one of the many restaurant options right on the beach. Baby beach is really a place for families to enjoy!

Eagle Beach: Voted as the second best beach in the world (and I cannot disagree), Eagle Beach gets top marks because of its exquisite sand and surf. It is very beautiful but also a bit too popular, so if you’re staying at a resort, be sure to go early to nab good seats!

Travel tip: During peak season, it gets pretty crowded but the early morning is a beautiful time to enjoy this beach.

Palm Beach: This is a good spot to visit and relax, if only to do water sports. Palm Beach has plenty of hotels and restaurants flanking the area, and some gorgeous fine sand. There are also plenty of chairs, so you won’t feel too badly if you left your foldable deck chair at home.

Malmok Beach: This is a snorkeler’s paradise and is found in a comparatively remote part of the island—the northernwestern tip. It’s a bit rocky, however, and is not on the leeward side of the island. It’s as raw as you can expect a beach to be, so adventurers should feel truly at home here.

Haricurari Beach: This is the beach to hit if you’re into surfing, and particularly wind surfing. It is also home to the annual Hi-Winds Pro Surfing Competition, and is a beautiful stretch of sand and a few pebbles. You’ll love the way the wind feels here.

Travel tip: You can either surf yourself, or just spend the afternoon relaxing at the Surf Shop and enjoy watching the others surf.
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