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Best Bars in Portland, Flickr: scaredykat

The Shelves at Rum Club


Portland just seems to be one of those enjoyable cities that everyone can find something to do. This city with many nicknames- from Ptown to the City of Roses has become the go-to spot for those traveling in the Pacific Northwest. It’s no different for the nightlife scene that is vibrant and filled with many options for all sorts of drinkers, and for anyone who generally enjoys a fun night out on the town.

The Kennedy School: Making use of a multifunctional space is one way The Kennedy School is appealing to Portlandians and tourists. Is it a mainly a bar, or a restaurant, or wait, it is also a hotel. Technically the space was formerly an elementary school that is now a large space with a few bars, a restaurant, hotel, and even a movie theater. Just imagine being in a room that looks like a classroom but is serving up delicious drinks? It’s typical Portland, a space where you can enjoy beer, good food and fun, under one roof.

Henry’s 12th Street Tavern: Do you like beer? Apparently, Portland is secretly nicknamed the place where the microbrew was practically born. Get your fill of over 100 beers on tap at Henry’s 12th Street Tavern. It’s that local kind of place in Pearl District with exposed brick wall, high ceilings and friendly faces to welcome you in. The second floor is a stylish place with pool tables and entertainment sets. Check out their fantastic happy hour, which is every day, and all day Sunday!

Mint/820: Ladies looking for a nice place to get good eye candy and some quality gal-pal time may find themselves at Mint/820. What it stands for exactly puzzles us, but it is a sweet little bar/restaurant that keeps you coming back. Their drink menu is impressive, especially by name: like the Bella, Mandarin Kiss, or the Avocado Daiquiri, which really makes you wonder what that will be like. You can even take cocktail classes with their famous head bartender to learn how to conjure up these bad boys yourself.

Taste On 23rd: Did someone say wine o’clock, or Wine Wednesday? You can celebrate over a glass of vino any day at Taste On 23rd. It’s a cozy wine bar where you can casually sip and unwind and actually have a conversation.  Regulars love their tapa-styled aperitif’s, especially during happy hour at under $5 a plate. But enjoying a relaxing experience, fine wine and delicious treats: priceless!

The Rum Club: It may sound like a secret society where you’ll need membership, but the Rum Club isn’t exclusive, in fact, it welcomes you to enjoy its namesake beverage and more. It’s a funky little space that takes you back to Old Havana in the mid-20th century, where you can almost feel the humid wind in your hair in the summertime. Nonetheless, if you love rum or basically any delicious concoction, you’ll be plenty happy at the Rum Club, you’ll almost feel like you have your own VIP membership.

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photo: scaredykat

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