Let's be honest, we all know that flying internationally can be somewhat of
a bear. Flying domestically is typically bearable, but throwing in those extra
hours can make it a little more difficult.


Sure having a meal or a good movie
can help, but you're not always guaranteed that. So what better way to enjoy
the flight then this list of cocktails that will keep you going.


White Russian: Although it can be tough to find on all international
flights, you typically can't go wrong with a White Russian. Drink a couple
hearty glasses of these and you may be sleeping like a baby. The drink
typically mixes vodka, Kahlúa and cream for a good sweet taste.


Mojito: Just the name, mojito, sounds like something you should be drinking
while traveling. You can typically find this drink on most flights, as some
airlines even have a specialty Mojito on their menu. Continental for example
has their own Mojito, which is mint, cane sugar and lime juice, served with
Bacardi Light rum on the rocks.


Gin Rickey: Just about anything with gin is a refreshing drink on-board.
There are many different versions of this, which can include just a simple Gin
and Tonic. This version is just gin, lime juice and club soda served over ice
and is a nice afternoon or evening beverage.


Bailey's Irish Coffee: Drink a couple Bailey's Irish coffees and you may be
snoozing the rest of the flight. Perfect for a late night flight, Bailey's is
the perfect soothing, warm drink to help induce sleep. Just order a coffee and
leave some room to add a little Bailey's.


Screwdriver: The Screwdriver may just be the most ordered airline cocktail
of all time. You can always expect that you'll find this cocktail on any flight
as it's just vodka and orange juice. It's typically ordered on those morning
flights when you need a cocktail to keep you going.

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