Taking a trip near or far isn’t always easy, especially when you’re unsure of which destination is best for you. Knowing your travel preferences such as taking group tours, venturing into the rainforest, or maybe just hanging out on a beach. Depending on which travel activities interest you, your decision will become much simpler. We’ve compared reasons to travel to Belgium or Brazil for you to discover which country is best for you!

Adventure to Brazil if…

You want to explore the great outdoors

rainforest in brazil

The traveler looking for an outdoorsy adventure will be ecstatic to be in Brazil’s subtropical rainforest. Discover exotic birds and other species along with thousands of plants in any of the country’s rainforests. The rainforests in Brazil are 2.5 million square miles, so do your research before you go to choose the best one.

Waterfalls amaze you

Venture to the Iguaçu River, a UNESCO world heritage site, where the borders of Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina meet with 275 waterfalls. You’ll witness the best views from Brazil’s side of the waterfalls and visitors can walk across the bridge at Devil’s Throat for up-close views. While you’re here listen carefully and you may hear bird noises coming from the surrounding rainforest with over 500 species of birds and 80 different mammals. Oh, and be prepared to get splashed, the falling waters are massive!

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Heights don’t scare you

sugar loaf mountain

If heights aren’t frightening to you, head to the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain in a cable car! Travelers are marveled at the views from the top of the city of Rio de Janiero. And if you’re up for an adventure, hike to the worlds largest art deco sculpture, Christ the Redeemer at the top of Mount Corcovado. But, whether you’re at the top of a mountain or at the ground level, all sights are extraordinary!

You want to taste traditional cuisines

If meat and beans are among your favorite meals than we suggest you order the Feijoada. It’s Brazil’s most famous dish made with beans, beef, pork, spices, and vegetables. But, if you’re looking for something totally different don’t fret. This country has culturally influenced dishes wherever you go in Brazil!

Take Your Travels to Belgium if…

You’re a beer drinker

drinking beer in Belgium

From the endless breweries to pubs, you’ll have a simple time finding a new favorite Belgium beer. Be sure to ask the locals about the most popular places to grab a beer and where you can take an exciting tour of the breweries. Brace yourself, you’re about to become a Belgium beer expert!

You love music festivals

Yup, if music festivals are your thing, taking your travels to Belgium is a must! Your preferred genre of music doesn’t matter because Belgium hosts festivals for all. Prepare to camp out for a few days or book a stay in a nearby hotel because the festivals usually run for a few days. With events such as Tomorrowland and Rock Werchter, this country has something for every music lover!

Visiting a castle is on your bucket list

castle in Belgium

Have you always dreamed of exploring a massive castle propped on top of a mountain? Belgium has the perfect opportunity to fulfill that wish. Take a tour of Gravensteen in Ghent, a castle built in the 10th century that is now a museum. Visitors can explore each room carefully and learn about the history on an interesting tour.

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You’re drawn to an eclectic mix of cities

Belgium is unique in that’s a small country that offers a variety of different cities for tourists to sight see and explore. You can take day trips to Brussels to see the Grand Palace located in the city’s center and visit the local shops and pubs in the city. Venture to Bruges, a popular city that’s kept up much of its original medieval architecture, or visit the city of Mechelen, where you can take in fantastic views of the city from the top of St. Rombout Cathedral.

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