The Asia Pacific region of the world is seeing absolute amazing growth in air traffic. Due to an economic boom in China, traffic to and from Chinese mainland is on the rise.


The number of seats in July spiked by 10 percent or 8.5 million within the region, bringing the total to 93.5 million. Seat capacity also went up to 15.3 million seats, which was a healthy gain of 9 percent or 1.2 million. 


The rapid growth of the region has also made for a significant change in the world's busiest airport rankings as Beijing International Airport has surpassed London Heathrow Airport as the second largest airport (measured by seats). Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International still remains the world's largest airport in terms of both seat capacity and flight frequency.


The growth of air travel in Asia Pacific has been strong for years and it looks like it will not be slowing down anytime soon. Airlines around the world are extremely eager to offer new or additional flights to the region to take advantage of this boom.


Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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