Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Time to work off the Turkey and trimmings! Get out there and take some great travel snaps!

We’re back with another edition of Behind The Instagram. This week, we’re featuring a photo from Chris Osburn, an American expat in London!

We chatted with him via email, here’s what he had to say about this beautiful picture of West Sweden that he took!

CheapOair: Was this photo planned?
Chris Osburn: Nope. I just happened upon this gorgeous scene (in the Koster Islands of West Sweden) while searching for a good spot to hunt for oysters.

C: How long did it take to get this picture?
CO: A few seconds. I like to think of myself as having better than average photography skills, but it was in such a stunning place and light was so lovely all I had to do was point and shoot.

C: Was the photo taken with a camera or a cell phone? If so, which?
CO: My iPhone 5s.

C: The obligatory Instagram question, was there a filter put on it?
CO: Nope. I think I might have upped the “lux” a bit. But that’d be it.

C: What inspired you to take this picture?
CO: I just thought the setting was gorgeous and really wanted to record it and share it. Looking at it months after I took it I’m kind of blown about by how wonderful it looks. It’s a shame the image doesn’t smell as clean as the air did there.

That wraps this week’s Behind The Instagram! If you’d like to have your Instagram photo featured then tweet us @CheapOair!

Photo: Chris Osburn

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