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 Drink Up Portland!


Beer hopping is so big in Portland that if you were to Google the term, there is an entire .org website dedicated to the art of enjoying beer in Portland. We’re not surprised since the city is the epicenter of America’s craft beer culture. You’ve got a variety of pubs and breweries all within the city limit. Don’t even forget the possible beer festivals and beer events! Luckily, you can visit Portland at any time of the year to enjoy your own bar hopping tour.
McMenamins Brewery: If you had to think of the weirdest place you’ve enjoyed beer, where would it be? How about in a school classroom? No, it is not what you think; McMenamins Brewery just happens to be located in the former Kennedy School. It’s like an adult playground where you can enjoy a pint in the detention room, watch an old movie in the auditorium; the possibilities are endless. If you happen to enjoy their beer so much, you can take home a Mason jar or a Growler home to enjoy Portland’s finest from the comfort of your own home.
Hair of the Dog Brewing Company: The Brewery may have a strange name, but luckily the place isn’t. When the beer menu is far more impressive than the food menu, you know you’re in the right place. Specializing in new and unusual beer styles, there is a beer selection for everyone. Some favorites include the Cherry Adam from the Wood, Bob- named for special reason the bartenders can explain, and even a beer named for Michael Jackson.
Lucky Labrador Beer Hall: Is there some kind of connection between beer breweries in Portland and dogs? We’re not sure, but we are sure about Lucky Labrador Beer Hall. What was once an old lumberyard is now a beer hall. It’s a casual place where you can enjoy the vibe of Portland by enjoying a beer on a nice day. Hint: On a summer day, try the strawberry blonde beer- a hit for a refreshing beer you’ll find so nice, you’ll have to drink it twice.
Upright Brewing: The world is quite familiar with Europe being the best beer brewers, but the craft is making its way to the United States. Since Portland is beer capital of the US, it is only fair for Upright Brewing to be located here. Based on the farmhouse inspired beers of France and Belgium, the craft of beer begins with quality ingredients and a passion for the craft. Their rustic tasting room open on weekends is notorious for visitors to tour the brewery and to relax and enjoy a few beers afterwards.
Deschutes Brewery and Public House: For the best of variety in beers, look no further than Deschutes Brewery and Public House. With its location in Downtown Portland, it’s a favorite with locals and tourists. In 2012, the brewery expanded to offer more space, seats and of course, beer. Everything here is made, from (obviously) the beer, to the mustard for your fresh pretzel. Hint: Even if you’re not a fan, you may just fall in love with the stout.
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