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Rushing through security lines, limits on liquids and traveling in a vacuum for hours on end—no matter how you slice it, an overseas flight is no simple undertaking.  And that beauty routine of yours? You can probably imagine (or already know) what kind of havoc those conditions might wreak on your skin, hair, and body. Yikes!

If you’ve ever wondered how celebrities get off international flights looking radiant and ravishing, we’ve got the answers right here. Say goodbye to oily hair and dried out skin and say hello to these beauty tips and tricks to use for your next long-haul flight!

Use Dry Shampoo to Bid Bar Hair Adieu

We know what you’re thinking– “but how will I bring my full-size aerosol spray bottles of my favorite one past security?” Luckily for you, there are multiple alternatives! Dry shampoo can help you combat an oily scalp and/or limp hair.  These days, dry shampoos come in travel size, TSA-approved bottles. But, if you want to play it extra safe and are worried about the three-ounce liquid restrictions, try out one of the ones that come in a powder formula. Either way, a little spritz (spray) or a little sprinkle (powder) at the roots and a quick rub with your fingers right before you land, and you’ll be disembarking the plane looking like you just walked out of a salon (or at the least, you won’t look like you just suffered through a ten-plus-hour flight).

Now that you know how to look fabulous once you land, it’s time to take off with these cheap international flights!

Lip Stains Are Your Friend

Pop quiz: You’re on hour-nine of your twelve-hour flight and your throat feels like the desert. What body part is likely to show the first signs of dehydration? (Hint: rhymes with chips, dips, and flips.)

You already know (or at least now you do) that you should keep your lips moisturized as much and as often as you can on board, and that lipsticks can quickly dry your lips out–or worse–turn into a smudged mess. But for all you die-hard lipstick lovers out there, what if we told you that you can have your color and keep your lips soft too?

Enter lip stains. By using a lip stain, you’ll not only be able to keep the color on your lips (smudge free!) throughout your flight, but you can also pack on the nourishing lip-treatments, chapstick, balms, and glosses right on top to prevent your lips from drying out or cracking.

You Are What You Eat

Or in this case, you’ll definitely look like what you eat. Mid-way through those long-haul international flights, when you’re tired and hungry, it’s easy to cave to your cravings and choose the heavier meal options. Pasta, pizza or beef curry with white rice, sounds like just about the only reprieve you might get for a while. But while those heftier selections will give you a fleeting moment of contentment amidst your munching, once the meal is over, you’re probably going to feel sluggish, wiped out and bloated.

But, if the discomfort isn’t reason enough to avoid those food choices, maybe the fact that salty and greasy grub might also make you swell up, making your eyes and cheeks look puffy. Whether you choose the healthier options or even bring on some nutritious snacks onboard yourself, choosing the right foods on board is key to trying your best to avoid even more inflight beauty mishaps.

Pro-tip: Don’t forget the three golden rules of in-flight beauty– hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Skip the dehydrating sugary soft-drinks, beers, and wines and always opt for H2O. The more hydrated you are, the less sallow your skin will look and the better you’ll feel post-long-haul flight!

Moisturizers Are a Must!

When it comes to moisturizers, things can get a bit tricky. Everyone has a different skin type and moreover if you’re reading this post, you probably already have a set-in-stone skin regiment too. But, with the TSA liquid limit and those tiny airplane bathrooms, that skin care routine might be a tad difficult to accomplish. Instead, try one of these long flight beauty tips to keep your skin supple:

If you have naturally dry skin or even combination skin, opt for a hydro-based moisturizer that you can apply multiple times throughout your flight; it’ll keep your skin soft and hydrated, without clogging up your pores or having to wash your face multiple times. If it’s oily skin that you have, you can’t risk glopping on moisturizer every hours. Instead, try a heavier, cream-based moisturizer or even a night cream. Pack it on before you hop onto your plane and once you’re closer to landing, give your face a nice wash and put some more on right before you hit the ground.

Have any in-flight beauty tips to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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