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Beauty Secrets for Travel, Flickr: kikishua

Pack the Perfect Beauty Bag for Your Next Vacation!


Face it: Traveling can be pretty ugly, especially at 32,000 feet on a crowded plane and five hours into a flight. You’re tired, lifeless and ready to start your vacation, but you look like a royal mess. Travel beauty secrets can help you look refreshed after any commute, whether you’re a guy or a gal.

Always travel with lip balm:

One of the easiest things to throw in your bag, and that’s often economical is a good lip balm. Spend the extra few bucks on an organic brand that with bring soothing protection to your lips. Men and women can benefit from soft lips; after all, you don’t want to kiss your loved one with chapped lips, right? It’s also a cheap and healthy way to pack some pucker for the ladies who may not want to fuss with lipstick on a trip. Find a lip balm with a tint for some light color and sheen.

Pack a beauty bag for landing:

Making a beauty bag can be simple and actually fun. Start with a small makeup bag or a travel bag for you gentlemen. Make a list of your favorite beauty essentials- from lip balm, to toothbrush and toothpaste, or even after shave. Think about how you’ll want to refresh on the plane before arriving to your destination. Some items may also include a small first aid kit, fabric refresher and a face wash. These easy to grab items can easily be thrown from your carry-on to your day pack, so while you’re exploring, you can always keep a fresh face.

Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen:

Ah, fun in the sun is great for soaking up a fresh tan to show off once your back home. But, one thing that is never in style is sunburn. Did you know without the right protection, you can get a sunburn in just 15 minutes of sun exposure? Depending on how sensitive your skin is, it can even be faster. Nonetheless, even if you tan beautifully, you should apply some sort of sunscreen to protect from wrinkles and sun damage. Also, remember to reapply if you go into the pool or the beach water, most sunscreen lotions are not completely waterproof.

Find your favorite travel-friendly products:

Some beauty-holics want to bring everything but the kitchen sink on their travels. This means traveling with heavy items like deep conditioners, flat irons, shaving cream and day/night moisturizers. If you frequently travel, invest in travel-sized bottles that come in all shapes and sizes. Prepare a frequent travel bag with miniature versions of your favorite items. Even if you may not be a beauty travel junkie, you can find your favorite travel sized items like shampoo, soap and toothpaste at general stores.

Get some beauty sleep:

There is no other beauty essential more important than a good night’s sleep. Especially if you’re on a long flight with time zone changes, you’ll appreciate the extra burst of energy later. Getting a cat nap or a proper sleep on a flight can help you feel more energized and even look energized. Even on your trip, if you’re busy with the family, squeeze in a power nap so you’re not boggled down.

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