This blog post was updated on September 18, 2018.

Last Tuesday, street artist Andy Golub was in Times Square again painting his latest medium there…women’s bodies.

Golub’s designs are painted directly on the models’ bodies, turning them into walking street art as they then wander through Manhattan. For Golub, it’s an extension of his art onto a new canvas and his test as an artist of freedom of expression.

This wasn’t his first time in Times Square, having shown up there on dozens of previous occasions. He’s been using the body as a canvas for years around Manhattan, in Times Square and also at Columbus Circle and on the Brooklyn Bridge. All popular tourist areas of course.

At the end of July, police arrested Golub in Times Square for public lewdness since the models were completely naked prior to the artistic rendering. Technically, it’s legal for women to go topless in New York City, so the last time around his models were clad in g-strings.

However, on Tuesday, actress Zoe West got daring and stripped down to her birthday suit and cops were on hand to haul her in. According to the New York Post, West knew the risk but was willing to take it for art’s sake. She went on to tell the Post, “I don’t believe there is truly anything wrong with what I did and with what he was doing.”

Apparently New Yorkers feel the same about Golub’s project, based on feedback the Post received from the street interviews they conducted.

West was held for about an hour before charges were dropped and she was released.

For a view of the action, check out the video below:



What do you think, should nudity for art be protected or is it lewd?

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