Anyone else have cabin fever? *Literally everyone raises their hand*. That’s what we thought. We’re tired of the cold, the grey, and the heavy winter coats we’ve been wearing for months on end. It’s time for a break from all that. So — for all of our sakes — we’ve compiled this list of pretty beaches to look at (and fly off to). But for now, forget that it’s winter and imagine yourself on one of these picturesque beaches.

Cala de sa Forcanera, Spain

View from the gardens Marimurtra of Sa Forcanera, Blanes, Costa Brava, Catalonia, Spain.

Though it requires a kayak and some arm strength to get there, seeing the usually empty and beautiful beach is more than worth it. Visit the nearby town of Lloret de Mar for an exquisite taste of Spanish seafood.

Kona Coast, Hawaii

Kona Coast Sunset

Located on the big island a mile off of the main highway, this local secret offers some of the best sunsets in the state. Tar black lava fields encapsulate the beach but the perfect white sands make it look even more idyllic. As if that were even possible.

Grand Haven, Michigan

Sunset at the Grand Haven South Pierhead Inner Light with Entrance Light in background in Grand Haven State Park in Grand Haven, Michigan

Flanked by two 19th century lighthouses, this 2.5-mile beach gives visitors a distinctive old-timey Americana charm. Hiking and swimming spots abound and when the sun goes down, the town lights up — shops, restaurants, and taverns give a welcome respite from the evening chill.

Cabo Polonio, Uruguay

Bungalows and hammocks, Cabo Polonio, Uruguay

Just a few miles off of a highway lies this largely unknown beach — accessible only by horseback or four-wheeler. Once you get to the beach, there are plenty of cheap hotels to shack up in, activities to partake in, and eateries to sample the local cuisine at.

Enderts Beach, California

Walking down an old secluded beach trail, perched high on a steep jagged cliff, you see blue & aquamarine seas, surf crashing on a rocky / sandy Northern California beach at the end of Enderts trail.

Hidden within the Redwoods National Park, Enderts Beach offers an incredible 37 miles of clear coastline. Nature lovers will absolutely love this spot, as hiking and greenery surrounds the intrepid beachgoer. Beachfront hotels at reasonable prices are nearby, making it a desirable trip if a bit of solitude is in order.

Hamoa Beach, Maui

Hamoa Beach on a high surf day

A mile south of Hana lies the little-known paradise of Hamoa Beach. A crescent-shaped beach is framed by idyllic palm trees while hulking black lava rocks loom in the background. Perfect for swimming and lounging, the three-hour drive from Maui’s more touristy areas keeps the beach secluded.

Île de Porquerolles, France

Coastline of Porquerolles Island

Just a 20-minute boat ride off of France’s famous Côte d’Azur will get you to this local paradise of an island. Though the island is surrounded by incredibly stunning beaches, there is only one village on the isle — that unsurprisingly serves up amazing local fare. Perfect after a day at the beach.

Tropea, Italy

Tropea, Italy, Calabria, the houses are built on a high rock above the sea

Located in Italy’s northern region, some might be surprised with this recommendation. But not after visiting. The classy old town gives off the kind of charm you’d expect of Italy, while also serving up delicious traditional fare and remote beaches.

Palagruza, Croatia

Palagruza (Pelagosa) is a small, remote Croatian archipelago in the middle of the Adriatic Sea. It is uninhabited, except lighthouse staff and occasional tourists.

Does going to an abandoned islet between Italy and Croatia sound like a dream? Head to Palagruza for the ultimate escape into beachy solitude. The only official inhabitant of the isle is the lighthouse keeper, so rest assured that every beach you find will be all yours.

Lord Howe Island, Australia

Golf Course on the coast of Lord Howe Island

A 2-hour plane trip from Syndey will land you on this beautiful UNESCO World Heritage site. Adventure seekers will like to know that bicycles are the main form of transportation on the isle and tourists are capped to just 400, so you’re sure to get a locals-only vibe at the many beaches, restaurants, and cafes.

Ibo Island, Mozambique

Idyllic tropical beach with white sand, turquoise ocean water and blue sky in Mozambique Africa

A former trading post of the Quirimbas Archipelago, Ibo Island is surrounded by turquoise-blue waters and has incredibly white beaches, perfect for snorkeling and exploring. Once you’ve had too much sun, you can gape at the island’s amazing architecture, an ode to the country’s settlers of Arab, Indian, and Portuguese origins.

Which hidden beach getaway do you want to jet off to? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Michele Lezama

    Hamoa Beach, Maui andLord Howe Island, Australia these two place are my dream getaway. my family and I love traveling and experiencing some of world top beaches

  2. Michele Lezama

    Hamoa Beach, Maui andLord Howe Island, Australia these two place are my dream getaway. my family and I love traveling and experiencing some of world top beaches


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