Gone the Way of the Walkmen

Bathtubs are becoming a thing of the past now in hotel rooms now as chains are beginning to remove them all together in lieu of luxury showers.

The Holiday Inn has reduced its total number of tubs from 95% to 55%.  The Marriot chain intends for only 75% of the rooms to have showers.

According to the report by USA Today, the elimination of the bath tub is due to corporate travelers have no need for tubs due to lack of time.

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  1. Debby

    I hope all these bathtubs don’t end up in a landfill…..they should donate them to any new construction sites, or recycle them somehow, etc. I’ve traveled some and have never taken a bath – article is true about travelers not taking the time, anymore. Have a contest with local colleges to see who has the brightest idea. years ago American Airlines had a contest – they made legroom bigger, taking out 10+ seats from planes and the person with the best idea won $$$.


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