Bar-hopping in Barcelona

Drink Up Some Barcelona


Barcelona is one of those charming cities everyone must experience at least once in their lives. Perhaps it’s the Mediterranean breeze that puts you at ease, or maybe the fun fashion finds while shopping in the inner districts. One thing is for sure, it’s easy to bar hop in a city where fashionable locals meet party seeking tourists.

London Bar: Nestled deep in the city is London Bar, a place that dates back to the early 20th Century. Famous faces like Dali and Picasso would frequently come here for a drink or two.  It might be a dated place, but it’s cleverly restored to be a place for the hipsters and traveling souls that just want to enjoy the night without any worries. It’s a nice place to make new friends and to find new adventures.

Bar 32: At first glance, you’ll casually pass by this place and think it is merely a residential apartment building. But No. 32 is actually a simple bar that hides a little secret- it’s a lively place to get a drink in the Gotic area. This bar is best for internationals traveling and who want to enjoy the historical quarter with a nice crowd. You’ll always find a large range of cocktails, beers and vegetarian friendly dishes.

Marmalade: If you’ve been to Marmalade and found yourself impressed with the lovely decor, it is no surprised. What used to be a furniture store is now a striking bar. The ambiance of a cool, faraway place is right in the middle of the heart of Barcelona. Get swept away with Spaniard dishes, International drinks and a friendly English-speaking staff to accommodate the experience. It’s a funky, cool kind of place that is so cozy it will feel like your own home.

Harlem Jazz Club: The real Harlem may be miles away from Barcelona, but the feel is sure at heart at the Jazz Club of the same name. Those who love jazz will adore Harlem Jazz Club. Find an intimate experience with your drink and the smooth notes, something of its own uniqueness for Barcelona, which is known to be a hard party city. You’ll find a very mixed crowd, who are usually very serious about grooving along with their sultry tunes and you’ll get right into the vibe of it as well.

Dostrece: Is it a bar? Perhaps it is a club, or even a restaurant. Get the best of all three worlds at Dostrece, a place where you can eat, drink and dance your heart out. You can gather all your friends and make an entire night at Dostrece. Everything is served to the utmost perfection, with elaborate drink specials, succulent Mexican and Spanish cuisine and live performances or DJs to combine forces for a fun back drop to a night on the town in Barcelona.

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