A volcanic eruption is once again causing headaches for thousands of travelers.

This time the culprit is Mount Bromo, one of about a dozen active volcanoes located on Java Island in Indonesia.

An ash cloud about 18,000 feet high has forced Air France, Virgin Blue, and several other major airlines to cancel or divert dozens of flights in and out of Bali.

Yuli Sadoso, an official at Bali airport, estimated that nearly 1,300 passengers have been affected by the cancelations thus far.

Volcanoes have played a major role in disrupting air traffic in the past.

30 years ago, a British Airways flight nearly crashed after its engines sucked in too much ash following an eruption on Java Island.

Most recently, in April 2010 a volcanic eruption in Iceland wreaked havoc with European air travel for weeks.

Source: MSNBC

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