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As the largest generation in the U.S. currently, it comes with no surprise that Baby Boomer travel is on the rise. Sure, Millennials have backpacking adventure travel on lock, and Gen Xers have mastered the art of bleisure (business + leisure = bleisure) trips and traveling with young kids, but at a whopping estimate of $157 billion being spent on trips each year, Baby Boomers are making their mark on travel. From making the most of flexible schedules to finding ways to splurge on travel and make time for themselves and their families, here are the top three Baby Boomer travel trends to watch out for this year. (Millennials – take notes!)

Checking Out

When it comes to taking time off, Boomers take the cake for embracing the true out-of-office spirit. Although 50-to-70-somethings that are still in the workforce tend to use less of their vacation days than their Gen X and Millennial colleagues, they’re also the ones that are more likely to unplug while traveling for leisure. So, while Baby boomers may not be taking as many holidays as the rest, when they do jet set out of town, they’re all about the triple R’s – rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

Even when it comes to planning their trips, more and more Boomers are ditching the hectic itineraries and long lists of to-dos and opting instead for easy tours and packages that allow them to experience their destinations and participate in local culture and activities, stress-free. And unlike their younger counterparts that tend to stay plugged into their jobs through their mobile devices, taking time away from their holidays to check and respond to work-related emails, messages and calls, traveling Boomers instead use their phones to take pictures, check in with family and check out from the stresses of their daily lives back home.

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Big Spending

Step aside Millennials. While you may be posting up a storm on your social media accounts with pictures from your fabulous and luxurious travels, the true big-spenders are the Boomers. While 20-to-30-somethings seek out affordable accommodations and basic fares, Boomers stick to booking trips with their go-to’s – which in this case probably means a quality 3-4-star hotel, car services to and from the airport, and round trip flights with their favorite carrier. In 2019, Boomers are projected to spend about $2,000 more than both Gen Xers and Millennials on travel.*

But the spending doesn’t stop there. Between having a relatively flexible schedule enabling them to travel when they can find a good rate and keeping an eye out for those senior discounts and deals, avid Baby Boomer travelers have both time and money to spend – and they’re willing to spend both. At an average of about 4-5 trips a year*, Baby Boomers spare no expense for their trips (especially if their leisure and/or bucket-list ones), beating out the rest in clocking in both longer and more expensive trips. The best part? This age group is also the most likely to travel with a partner or family and pay for most of the trip, meaning all that big-spending is also a way for them to share experiences and offer travel opportunities to their loved ones!

Early Bird Booking

“The early bird catches the worm.” “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” “Better to start early than finish late.” You get the idea. But for boomers, they don’t just recognize all the benefits of hopping on the bandwagon early on, they’re turning those ideas into actions.

Last, but trust us when we say it’s certainly not the least, 2019’s biggest Boomer travel trend is planning early…really early. This year, many Boomers traveling domestically have already chosen their destinations. And for those traveling internationally, many have already booked their trips! Whether it’s a simple weekend road trip to see the grandkids, or some round trip flights to an international, bucket-list destination of their dreams, Boomers are taking full advantage of their flexible schedules to plan ahead and book earlier than ever.

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  1. Carol

    Yes, something to add. More and more from my boomer generation independently seeking the opportunity to “live like a local” when overseas and engage with the locals, not only the sights. They’re staying longer, within budget, and experiencing more unforgettable experiences with a travel like a local Lifestyle.


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