Unite union BAA and Unite union, which represents about 3,000 of their workers, are scheduled to meet Monday to work on a new deal that would avert any possible strikes.


If the union were to walk off the job, six U.K. airports, including London Heathrow, would be forced to shut down during the protests. Pay issues were the number one reason a new contract has yet to be agreed upon by security workers, firefighters and engineers that are all represented by Unite.


About 3,000 BAA workers voted last week to strike over what they consider to be low wages. BAA is capable of providing raises to their workers, but has yet to offer a price that will satisfy their workers. 


But that has not deterred BAA, because they feel strongly a new agreement will be reached and strikes will be averted. 


However even if these strikes do not happen, British passengers are not out of the woods yet. That's because British Airways and the Unite union, which is representing 14,000 cabin crew members, are also in contract talks (for over 18 months).


If both sides can not hash out a new deal, there is a strong possibility workers will walk during the upcoming bank holidays later this month. 



Source: Market Watch

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