Austrian Tourism Officials to "Pop-up" at New York Art Gallery Openhouse, IMG Cred:Austria Tourist Office

The Soon to be Recreated Cafe Sacher in Vienna


If you’re in the New York area and have always wanted to visit and book flights to Austria but can’t squeeze it in the budget right now, you’re in luck!
The Austrian tourism office will be holding an “Austria Pop-Up” at the Openhouse Gallery in Lower Manhattan.
What does that mean for you exactly? You’ll be able to learn all things Austria in an extremely fun way.
You’ll discover more about their imperial history, art and architecture as well as take some live music.  You’ll even be able to imbibe on some wine, Viennese coffee and dessert as well as take in some film screenings.
Austrian Airlines will also be in attendance at the New York art gallery to provide travel tips and more.

Austria tourism officials will be at the Openhouse Gallery from Oct 5-19. The gallery is located at 201 Mulberry St. btwn Spring Kenmare.


Photo Credit: Austria Tourism Office


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