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Traveling to Australia but concerned about the wildlife or worried you might get socked by a wild kangaroo? Well, you can put those nerves to rest, Mate, because we’re about to prove that the Land Down Under has some pretty awesome cities that are well worth the trip!

According to a recent report, Melbourne was named the Most Liveable City by the Economist Intelligence Unit, a research and analysis arm of The Economist Group. Not only did Melbourne top the list, four other Australian cities found themselves in the top 20 — with Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, and Brisbane claiming top spots as well. And with that said, we’d like to take a dive into these five Aussie wonders from a traveler’s perspective to show you why they’re so great!


Perth, Australia

In a town that has a statue of Bon Scott of AC/DC, what could possibly go wrong? Whether you want to kick back and relax or hit up the cosmopolitan town, the world is your oyster in this secluded city. The nearest major city is nearly 1,300 miles away — making Perth the perfect getaway for travelers looking to experience authentic Australian good cheer, excellent craft beers, and a fast growing population. Most people’s takeaway from the city is how laid-back it is, so it’s not hard to see why it made the cut on the list of most liveable cities!


Adelaide, Australia

This town boasts a population of over a million, but its sprawling city limits give it a decidedly more “small town” feel (and its South Australian digs add to the charm). One of the few cities that wasn’t once a convict colony, Adelaide was known as a stuffy, by-the-rules sort of place where people retreated for a taste of the quiet life. Things are different now, though. Chic bars neighbor austere church spires and the city’s festival schedule is seemingly never-ending. With a burgeoning foodie scene, Adelaide is finding its way onto many travelers’ itineraries — and for good reason.


Brisbane, Australia

Image via Flickr CC-Ash Kyd

Often lauded as Australia’s most underrated city, Brisbane is the capital of Queensland on the east coast of the country. A city that’s “up-and-coming,” Brisbane has travelers flocking to its riverside city limits in search of its edgy arts scene, lively bars and clubs, beautiful architecture, and vibrant outdoors and fitness community. Think Portland, Austin, and Denver had a kid, sent it to Australia, and proudly watched it grow up from hipsterhood to cool adult.


Melbourne, Australia

Gritty, artsy, and hardworking all accurately describe Melbourne — the indie darling to Sydney’s chart-topping rockstar. With a vibrant arts, culture and foodie scene, it’s certainly not hard to see what so many people love about the city (and why the Sydney v. Melbourne debate will never be quelled). With a past entrenched in manufacturing, the architecture reflects its gritty nature — concrete surrounds the city-stroller. Though outstanding works of art beckon the Melbourne visitor indoors: there are plenty of art galleries, libraries, cafes, and restaurants that make a short visit to Melbourne one that could very well turn into a much more permanent stay.


Sydney, Australia

The country’s biggest city makes the list with good cause — it’s the perfect mix of relaxed beach town and happening cosmopolitan city. With towering buildings on one side and clean sprawling beaches on the other, it’s no wonder that visitors are blown away by the majesty of the place. Gaze in awe at architectural marvels like the Sydney Opera House (and the entire Sydney Harbour, in general) one moment and appreciate the natural stunning beauty of its botanical gardens and numerous parks. In Sydney, you can experience both sophisticated and hipster cultures in one fell swoop — it pairs together the beachy vibes of San Francisco with the glitzy nature of New York City. Too perfect.

Have you visited any of these cities? Rave about them in the comments!

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