Tony is back!


In case you missed it last night due to traveling or recovering from a long weekend of barbecues and late nights, season seven of Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations" debuted on the Travel Channel.


The season seven opener saw Tony and the crew hopping around the Grenadine Islands in the Caribbean. The production and editing of this show gets better and better each season. So much so that after I watch the one hour program Monday nights at 10pm, I am tempted to go online and book a trip to that week's spotlighted destination.  


White sandy beaches, turquoise blue waters, plenty of fresh seafood and loads of Rum Punch are on display during the season premiere episode, which will repeat this week on Travel Channel in case you missed it or your DVR fell asleep on the job.  The show also explores the scenic rain forests, devouring a lot of craw fish and meeting locals.


If the first episode of season seven is any indication of what is yet to come with Mr. Bourdain over the next few weeks, then I can honestly say this travel nut will be glued to his television each Monday night. Destinations that will be covered later this season include Liberia, India and a tour of Midwestern United States.

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