Iceland's ash cloud continues to screw up Europe's skies


The Icelandic ash cloud does not seem to be going away anytime soon and European travelers might have to get used to disrupted flight schedules because of it.


Last month the ash closed down most of the European skies from air travel for six days. Last week the ash cloud returned like a bad sequel to a movie and forced Ireland and Scotland to hault sending planes 30, 000 feet in the air for nearly two days. 


The latest round of ash terrorism arrived Monday with certain European transatlantic flights being delayed, with the threat the heaviest over Ireland and Portugal. 


Eurocontrol, which manages air travel over Europe, said in a statement Monday: "During the afternoon, areas of higher ash concentration could move in
a north-easterly direction from the Atlantic into the Iberian


But Eurocontrol added that passengers should not worry about the possibilities of another round of massive delays and cancellations as the ash cloud is said to have already dispersed and no European airports would be closing Monday.


Eurocontrol expects to fly only 500 less flights today due to the Icelandic annoyance that has plagued Europe for over a month now. Six Scottish airports and hubs in Milan, Pisa and Florence were closed over the weekend due to the ash cloud.



Source: CNN 

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