Liechtenstein is the 6th smallest country in the world and is located in the center of the Alps, between Switzerland and Austria. This breathtaking country has everything from beautiful scenery and a rich art scene, to fine dining and plenty of activities – all at surprisingly affordable costs — making it one of the best destinations to visit right now. Although it is a princely state (meaning there’s a monarch ruling the population of about 30,000), you don’t need to be royalty to enjoy a vacation in Liechtenstein. Here are some great things to do in Liechtenstein that will make you feel like nobility!

Get a Castle View

things to do in liechtenstein: vaduz_castle

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The royal family’s official residence, Vaduz Castle, can be seen from practically anywhere in the capital of Vaduz, but to snag the best view of this 12th century fortress, book a suite at the Park Hotel Sonnenhof. This charming family-run, Relais & Châteaux branded, luxury boutique hotel offers 29 spacious rooms surrounded by vineyards, mountains, and gardens. Pamper yourself at the Turkish spa located at the hotel, and feel a bit glamorous while staying in suites that have hosted celebrities like Sting and Paulo Coelho.

For a special event or wedding, make a reservation at the charming and fully refurbished Gutenberg Castle. Since it opened in 2010, visitors have been allowed to enter the fairy-tale-like castle perched on a hill via the nearby village of Balzers.

Wine and Dine Like a King

Things to do in liechtenstein: vineyards part of the princely cellars

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The Princely Wine Cellars of the Prince of Liechtenstein invites visitors for wine tastings, lunches and it’s quaint gift shop. You can walk around the four-acre vineyard in Vaduz, and taste some of the best sparkling, pinot, chardonnay, and ice wines of the region.

For a broader selection of handpicked wines from all over Europe, enjoy a 6-course wine-paired dinner at Michelin-Starred Restaurant Marée. Acclaimed as the best restaurant in the country, you can often find food enthusiasts from neighboring Austria, Germany, and Switzerland sitting at the deck overlooking the castle, on a special night out.

Visit the Treasure Chamber

things to do in liechtenstein: Liechtenstein National Museum.

There are over 30 museums and attractions around the country, including locations that showcase natural history, stamps, weapons, and modern and contemporary art. You can save a bit of money by purchasing an Adventure Pass that costs only 30 Swiss Francs (approx. $30) and gives you access to all the attractions in the country.

The Treasure Chamber of the Principality of Liechtenstein in Vaduz is one of the only museums of its kind in the Alps and is a unique spot that has museum buffs from all over the world frequently looking for flight deals to the Alpine principality. The museum focuses primarily on exhibits belonging to the Princes of Liechtenstein, Emperor Kaiser Joseph II of Austria, and other private collectors.

Control Your Very Own Golden Eagle

Things to do in liechtenstein: man engaging in falconry

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Falconry is an expensive hobby but you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to experience what it feels like to have your very own “king of the sky.” Golden eagle enthusiasts at the Galina Falconry Centre in Malbun offer private “eagle adventure hikes” where you can walk through the mountains as you release and recapture these majestic birds on one arm! If you’re too faint-hearted for this experience, you can watch birds of prey show at the falconry instead.

Sport It Like a Sovereign

Things to do in liechtenstein: hiking in the hills

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While your friends head to crowded ski slopes for their winter vacations, you can get your adrenaline rush in one of the least populated countries in the world. With hiking in the Alps, cross country skiing in Valünatal Valley, snowboarding, ice skating, sledding, skating, and more, there are lots of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors all through fall and winter in Liechtenstein. You can also download the LIStory app to access over 147 historical sites and places of interest along with a network of 45 miles through charming villages set amidst mountains and dairy farms.

The Schnee Sports School in the ski-resort village of Malbun offers a special “Princess Day” for women who want to ski in style. The package includes a private ski lesson, lunch consisting of traditional cheese dumplings (called kasknopfl), and a relaxing drink at one of the cozy bars overlooking the slopes.

Do you know of any other fun things to do in Liechtenstein? Share them with us in the comments section!

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