An Arizona couple’s arrest has solved a missing luggage mystery that has been plaguing Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport for years. After arresting Keith King three weeks ago for walking out of Arizona airport with someone else’s luggage, police spotted him yet again stealing a passenger’s suitcase.

This time police followed King to his home outside of Phoenix, obtained a search warrant, and stumbled upon a shocking stash of stolen goods. It turns out that Mr. King and his wife collectively swiped about 1,000 pieces of luggage from the airport and sold the goods to neighbors and online.

Phoenix police spokesman Detective James Holmes believes that the suspects immediately went through the bags when they got home and took out any valuable item that they
could make use of.

Holmes stated that neighbors informed the local police that the Kings would hold weekly yard sales and sell the stolen goods – including the suitcases! It is unsure what role Mr. King’s wife played in this entire suitcase scandal, but they are both likely facing multiple burglary and theft charges.

Source: Reuters & picture courtesy of Flickr member Robert S. Donovan

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