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Are You Ready to Travel to Denver All Year Round? Photo credit: Kara Brugman
What visitors enjoy most about;Denver;is how versatile this city is. You can enjoy it in any season and will be guaranteed a good ‘ole time. We can also tell you that;cheap tickets to Denver are available year round (A’la;CheapOair of course!). With this list of things to do in any season, you’ll have the perfect excuse for your next vacation.

Fall: Denver Zombie Crawl

Halloween may be over, but if there is one craze that sticks around, it is about zombies. You may be able to catch a zombie movie at your hotel, but why not take part in the Denver Zombie Crawl? You can watch others creatively dress up as zombies in a massive parade that is one of the largest in the nation. The air is crisp during this season and an excellent reason to get out and watch the fall foliage against the shocking sights of the undead. We also love that this is a free event and they only ask to bring a donation to the local Food Bank as entrance.

Winter: Grand Illumination of Downtown

As temperatures dip down in Denver and the days shorten, it makes way for the Grand Illumination of Downtown. Denver’s landmarks like the Union Station, 16th Street Mall and Larimer Square are already popular sights visited by tourists. But, what if we lit up these spots to put everyone in the holiday spirit? Join the celebration at the beginning with a countdown to the lightshow to get you excited for Denver truly lighting up against the cold and dark winter season.


Spring: Tulip Fairy and Elf Parade

When you think about spring, what comes to mind? If flowers do, you’ve got the right mindset for the Tulip Fairy and Elf Parade. The spring season unofficially begins with this event that seems like it’s only for kids, but fun for the entire family. A beautiful Tulip Fairy along with her tiny sized fairies and elves travel around town to “wake up” the tulips to bring spring to its full bloom. The bright colors of the tulips, costumes and energy of the event wakes up Denver and makes for a fun event for all.

Summer: Denver Chalk Art Festival

Summer in Denver is one of the most pleasant times to visit, granted that it isn’t too hot. In June, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy many free festivals, like the Denver Chalk Art Festival. This unique display of chalk art sounds like something a kid can do. Actually, professionals and amateurs spend days creating works of art that emulate paintings or still life.


Anytime: The Colorado State Capitol Building

No matter what day or season it is, a trip to Denver is not complete without a visit to the Colorado State Capitol. What sounds like just another government building is actually one of Denver's finest attractions. The building was created in the likes of the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. But that's not the coolest part, it is the ascension up to the "Mile High Point" where Denver gets is nickname- the "Mile High City." At 5,280 feet above sea level, you’ll see snowcapped peaks at a distance and will be able to say you stood at the peak of the city of Denver.


Photo credit: kara brugman  

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