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Madrid may not come to mind as a typical Gastronomical destination the way Paris or New York City does, but having a foodie experience here may change your mind. Wet your palette with rich, hearty Spaniard dishes, familiar tapas and an appreciation for Spanish culture. It’s no wonder there is a siesta mid-day in Spain; we need to catch our breath after a delicious meal.

Huevos Estrallados
Your mom said it best- Start the day right with a good breakfast. Huevos Estrellados is the Spanish styled American bacon and eggs. You’ll start with the typical fried egg, but your sides will include fried potatoes and meat- the famous Spaniard chorizo. This native sausage made of pork and paprika is smoked, flavorful and will easily be a favorite breakfast.

Patatas Bravas
Let’s face it: Spain is the country of tapas and Madrid is its capital. We love the friendliness of sharing dishes and tasting many flavors. But, you may love Patatas Bravas so much you may not want to share. Simple potatoes served with a spicy tomato and/or mayo sauce may sound like its not worth fighting over, but it is actually Spain’s most popular tapas.

Gambas al Ajillo (Grilled Garlic Shrimp)
One of Madrid’s best appetizers could easily be a fancy dinner for many. Just thinking about this dish makes our mouth water. With the freshness of shrimp available from the Iberian Peninsula, aromatic spices and tasty garlic grilled to perfection (With Spanish olive oil of course), it will be a dish you want to and can easily recreate at home. Note: You can easily get this plate at many restaurants for lunch, or even as a tapas serving any time of the day.

Cocido Madrileño
If it has the name of the city in the dish, it must give it justice. Get your hearty stew fix with a Cocido Madrileño; a meal popular in the winter time. The origin of the dish dates back to the Middle Ages, making this a timeless dish. The ingredients include chickpeas, potatoes, winter vegetables like carrots and turnips, meats like pork and chorizo and jamon serrano. Added for flavor are 2 bone pieces to enhance the stock. And to top it off- the bola, a spiced meatball to make sure your belly is completely happy!

Last, but not least- what about satisfying your sweet tooth? Fortunately, you’ll be sightseeing and walking around enough that you can indulge and try a buñelo. Call it the Spanish donut; a fried dough ball flavored with anis and topped with light sugar. Some buñelos are stuffed with a sweet or savory filling. They are an example of cultural diffusion; seen in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe.
Photo credit: ferlomu

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