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Whether for adhering to authentic Neapolitan pizza procedure or simply because they offer exceptionally good value for yumminess, here’s a roundup of some of London’s more worthwhile pizzerias for you to try the next time you book flights to London and visit.

Starting south of the river, there are three pizzerias deserving a bit of recognition. One is Amano, near Borough Market at the corner of Stony Street and Clink Street. It’s hard to pull me away from all the goodies at Borough Market, but this place with its thin crusts and stone baked dough can just about do it.  Try the Paesan’ (Italian meatballs, roast tomatoes, mixed herbs and fresh parsley). Delicioso – and very, very filling.

A bit further west along the Southbank is another preferred pizzeria, Gourmet Pizza Company, at Gabriels Wharf. In addition to stunning views of the Thames and St Paul’s, this restaurant offers an innovative menu of traditionally baked pizzas.

Last of the South London choices is Franco Manca in Brixton. Some folks say this is the best pizza in London, and they’re not crazy for thinking so! Where else are you going to find organic Neapolitan sourdough pizza for around £5? In addition to their original Brixton location, Franco Manca now have eateries in West London’s Chiswick and the newly opened Westfield Stratford City shopping centre.

Crossing the Thames and traversing north into busy Fitzrovia, the equally bustling Icco on Goodge Street is a budget conscious bargain.  Honestly, Icco’s offerings maybe aren’t as incredible as the other pizzas listed in this post, but with prices starting at £3.50 (about five or six bucks) for a freshly made pie, Icco’s pizzas are hard to beat.

Wedged between the Central London areas of Holborn and Covent Garden, Icco’s little sister, Ecco on Drury Lane, speedily serves up the same great pies at the same low prices.

In the thick of Soho and craving a quick bite? Adagio Pizza al Taglio on Frith Street brings the Roman concept of pizza “by the cut” to London. Priced by the weight, Adagio features a dizzyingly delicious line up of more than forty seasonally changing pizzas prepared fresh in traditional Roman style (thicker base than typical – and often wonderfully soupy – Neapolitan pizzas). Customers can order whatever size slice(s) they’d like with the usual request costing around £3.50 for a perfectly filling “on the hoof” meal or snack.

As for the very best pizza in London (drum roll please) … well, it’s a close call between Santoré at Exmouth Market in Clerkenwell and tiny Santa Maria in Ealing, West London with Santoré securing the upper crust position of london’s supreme pizza by an ever so thinly sliced margin. Both places offer simple and warming authentic wood fired Neapolitan pizzas made by Neapolitans. Santa Maria’s delicious pizzas are priced between £4.50 and £7.95 (about $7.20 to $12.70) and served with an appreciative smile while Santoré is one of London’s few places to order al metro (or by the meter). Seeing a large pizza come out and cover the length of a table is a really fun way to dine with a group of friends.

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