Amtrak breaks ridership record


Amtrak is reporting that ridership increased by 4.3% with a record breaking 13.6 million
passengers during the first six months of their fiscal 2010 year.


This tops 2008 when 13.5 million people road the rails in the first half of fiscal 2008.  Amtrak's CEO Joseph Boardman explained that high fueld costs and a turnaround in the economic picture as two of the main reasons for the ridership increase.


Amtrak has seen growth in the Northeast Corridor, especially with its high-speed Acela Express and long-distance routes from New Orleans to Chicago and Los Angeles.


Source: ABC News

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  1. Larry z

    While Amtrak gives you more room and is easier to board. But the time it takes to get from point a to point b is just too long. We need high speed rail service already. Plus their food is worse than airline food.


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