American Airlines is preparing themselves in case they get stuck with a possible flight attendants strike. AA is sending letters to managers asking them to volunteer and complete a flight attendant course.


American and the Association of Professional Flight Attendants are still working on a new deal, but if workers walk out, AA wants to be ready.


AA spokeswoman Missy Latham commented on a possible strike by saying: “The company continues to believe that a negotiated agreement is the
best solution for everyone. We are continuing to work hard in negotiations with the APFA
and are steadfastly committed to reaching an agreement that recognizes
our flight attendants while positioning the company for long-term


But before you go and make plans with an alternate carrier for summer travel, airline analysts have stated any possibilities of a strike by AA flight attendants is still months away. American contacted the Federal Aviation Administration earlier
this year to make sure its training plan was approved by the FAA. The plan would see other workers switch over into flight attendant positions during a strike.


Source: Dallas News




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