This blog post was updated on August 5, 2014.

American Airlines Just when you thought the airlines had run out of ideas for new fees. American Airlines announced plans today to charge customers extra if they want to sit in the first few rows of seats in coach class.


The Fort Worth, Texas based carrier is calling it “Express Seats” and will be charging anywhere from $19 to $39 extra for passengers that really need to sit up front.


While this is not the first airline to charge for specialty seating, AA is promising travelers that pay extra will also be one of the first to board the plane.


The seats, which are in the first two or three rows in coach, can only be purchased at an airport kiosk between 24 hours and 50 minutes before a flight departs for travel within the United States.


Other airlines that charge extra for preferred seating include United Airlines, Continental Airlines, JetBlue, Frontier, US Airways, Spirit Airlines and AirTran Airways.


Source: Associated Press

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