Have questions about your AAdvantage rewards account or want to know ways to accumulate more miles? AAdvantage, American Airlines’ rewards program, has opened a Twitter account and Facebook page to promote the program and pledges to help frequent flyers navigate its intricacies.


The mileage program just turned 30 years old and the airline marked the occasion with the social media foray, indicating that “American is the first U.S. airline to launch dedicated social media channels focusing on earning miles.”


Some Twitter users have begun to use the @AAdvantage Twitter account to send their questions to the airline.


For example, Kaniesha Hope, under the Twitter handle SugaKane_246, tweeted the question: “If I purchase miles can I use them the same time & how much miles do I need to travel from NYC to Barbados?


So far, AAdvantage is handling most questions of this nature by urging people to call AAdvantage customer service (800 882-8880), which is probably not the most deft use of a Twitter account because other followers would benefit from the information on Twitter, as well.


AAdvantage’s Facebook page has a large headline: “Are you a mileage junkie? Get your fix here.”


The mileage program’s Facebook page currently offers a quiz on American Airlines’ destinations and, of course, has more information about AAdvantage and link to sign up for the mileage program.


Maya Leibman, president of AAdvantage Loyalty Program, says the Twitter account and Facebook page will “focus on offering tricks and tips to earning as many miles as possible. We believe these new channels will be educational and a lot of fun for our members — especially those who are crazy for miles.”

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