This blog post was updated on August 10, 2018.

American Airlines Expanding Curbside Check-In For International Travelers

 Get to Your AA Flight Quicker


American Airlines has grown its curbside check-in feature to a total of 28 airports and will expand even bigger to another 31 airports within the U.S. by the beginning of November.

Curbside check-in will help stream line travelers quicker to the plane.

Passengers can book, purchase, and check-in from home.  From there, they can drop their bags curbside with a skycap allowing travelers to move the security check-point and reach the gat

American Airlines curbside check-in international locations will have the same hours as the regular ticket counters.

Tom Del Valle, American’s Senior Vice President – Airport Services commented on the upcoming boost of curbside check-in locations in the Breaking Travel News report.

“Offering Curbside Check-in for travel to international destinations is another way American is expanding its products and services to better meet the needs and desires of customers traveling abroad,” Tom Del Valle. “The new service offers a seamless transition from booking to boarding, and we look forward to the positive changes this will bring to our customers’ overall travel experience.”

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