American Airlines announced Thursday that it will become the first official airline partner in the USO's 69-year existence. AA is expanding an already working relationship with the USO, which supports U.S. military service members.


In a statement, Roger Frizzell, American Airlines' Vice President of Corporate Communications and Advertising said, "At American Airlines, supporting our troops, veterans and their
families is a cornerstone commitment we have made to honor those who
protect the freedoms we hold so dear."
Frizzell added, "We are extremely proud to be the official airline of the USO, an
organization whose sole mission is to serve those who serve this great


The partnership with the USO includes American providing in-kind support and fund-raising assistance. American also debuted a gift card today which will help support the USO's mission of helping the troops and their families. For every $50 spent on the card, AA will donate $5 to the USO.






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