Amazing Architecture in Amsterdam. Photo credit: peterned
What are you excited to visit on your trip to Amsterdam? With cheap tickets available this summer, Amsterdam is on top of many lists for a perfect European summer. Who doesn’t love a free thrill like wandering around and exploring? There are lots of architectural marvels that make Amsterdam a city you will love to see, literally.

Amsterdam Central Station
No matter how you get into Amsterdam, you'll most likely go through Amsterdam Central Station. It is your link into the city once you fly in or take the rail into the heart of the city. Built in the late 19th century, this attractive building makes you not want to leave the station! Built in Neo-Gothic style, it stands out in its grand style and for small details, like the cast iron roof. Fun fact: Did you know there is a Queen's Waiting Room once used, but is now closed off? You can at least find this place and admire the gorgeous gate.
NEMO Science Center
It looks like we've found Nemo! The NEMO Science Center in Amsterdam that is. All jokes aside, this quirky looking museum is actually the 4th visited in The Netherlands. It was built to look like a ship; not surprising since Amsterdam was and still is a port city. Construction was actually made over a tunnel that serves as its actual foundation. It literally looks like a ship rising from the water and inviting us in for a scientific exploration.

In Japan, there are strange living accommodations that include living in a small pod. This wouldn’t be good for Dutch natives because they happen to be one of the tallest ethnic groups. Nonetheless, it didn’t stop them from creating such a strange architectural wonder- the Keetwonen, or temporary student housing. This may sound normal to you unless you learn that it is a container city; converted ship containers made into student housing. These railroad styled apartments are the perfect study space and are also aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Another nice thing to spot is the dozens of bikes parked!
Royal Palace of Amsterdam
2013 was a grand year for the Dutch and Amsterdam as they reigned in a new King after a century of Queen's. The Royal Palace was the center of attention as celebrations began and still go on this year. Built in the Dutch Golden Age in Dam Square; the heart of Amsterdam, it is one of the focal points during any touristy stay in the city. The building is sure built for a King; decorated in extensive Flemish art, high ceilings and elaborate statues. It is one of three royal palaces that belong to the Dutch royal family and is open to visitors during limited times.

Canal Houses
What is a visit to Amsterdam without viewing the famous canals? For centuries, these canals have been a vital part of the city's function, but also its identity. In 2010, it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list, and for good reason. These impressive houses against the water are just so typically Amsterdam. They date back to the 17th century and still stand today not only as museums and buildings, but actual housing for lucky owners.
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Photo credit: peterned 

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