There's just something about weird architecture. As the years go by, it seems that it just keeps getting more and more weird. From churches to houses to restaurants and everything in between, we've become fascinated with architecture that is out of the ordinary.


Airports are certainly no exception to the rule, as over recent years, many airports around the world have added unique buildings that set them apart from other. Below are just a few of some of the weird airport architecture that can be found around the world.


Beijing International Airport Terminal 3

This terminal is new to the mix, as it was just added in 2008, making it the second largest airport terminal in the world. The multi-billion dollar terminal is award winning already for its design, but is best experienced when flying over at night when you can see the interesting lights and intricate details of the exterior.(Image credit)


Farnborough Airport

It's not very likely that you'll fly into Farnborough Airport, as it's a small business airport in the UK, but it's worth a mention for its new contemporary design. Desiring to develop the most modern airport in Europe, Farnborough has done just that with its aerodynamic terminal that from a distance looks like it's suspended in air. The airport is probably most notable for its world famous airshow.


Madrid Barajas Airport

Madrid's Barajas Airport may easily have the most unique, award-winning airport building that was just built in 2006. Unlike many of the world's weird airport architecture that is predominantly modern, Barajas mixed the contemporary with the old fashioned. The cover of the building has more of the look of an old-fashioned drive-in fast food restaurant, while the sides of the building are more contemporary with clear glass windows up and down it.


Tianjin Binhai International Airport

Tianjin may not be another airport you're familiar with, although it's the second largest in Northern China. From a distance the airport has more of the look and feel of a large sports arena than an actual airport. Though very contemporary, it's still steeped in the Chinese culture and history, as the building is kite-shaped to reflect the country's history in the hobby and sport, which was invented a couple thousands years ago in China.


Los Angeles International Airport, Encounter Restaurant

not actually an airport building per se, Encounter Restaurant is located
on the airport grounds just off of the terminals. The standalone
restaurant and bar is somewhat quintessential L.A., although it takes
unique to another level. The L.A. restaurant has the looks of something
you'd expect to find in an episode of the Jetsons as it looks much more
like a spaceship control tower than anything.


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