Allegiant Air is moving in with the Mouse come spring (Flickr photo credit: cliff1066)
Allegiant Air is about to take off to Orlando International this March



For passengers that use Allegiant Air as their means of air travel to and from the Orlando area, Sanford International Airport has been their hub of use. But that is all changing in 2010, as the low-cost carrier announced its plans to move into the more convenient Orlando International by early March.


That will save passengers time and money, as landing in Sanford usually meant a 30-mile trek to downtown O-Town. This will no doubt put Allegiant head to head with other carriers like Air Tran, who have a strong presence at Orlando’s main airport.


Allegiant went even as far as to acknowledge their competition in the press, “Part of this is just to make it clear to our friends at AirTran that, you know, we're not a soft option,” Robert Ashcroft, Allegiant’s vice president of planning, tells the Orlando Sentinel. “We thought we needed to become a little more competitive with them.”


Source: USA Toda

Flickr photo credit: cliff1066

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