Getting spooked can be an awful lot of fun — especially when you’re in a city like Portland, Maine! This picturesque destination has more than just great food and entertainment; it’s practically bursting with fantastic creepy activities to get your heart racing and your blood pumping. Whatever type of fright you’re seeking, Portland can satisfy! There’s plenty to choose from in Portland and we’ve got the rundown on the best ways to have a scary good time in this Maine city.

Read on to uncover the creepy side of Portland, Maine!

The McLellan-Sweat Mansion

The McLellan-Sweat Mansion

Image via Flickr – CC BY 2.0 – Paul VanDerWerf

Come for the history, stay for the haunting. The McLellan-Sweat Mansion is a gorgeous example of Portland’s historic architecture. However, its vine-laden walls hold a secret … and possibly a specter. Legend has it that Captain Asa Clapp haunts the building, leaving visitors unsettled and seriously jittery. Those exploring the stunning mansion have reported feeling cold spots, hearing footsteps where no one is walking, and feeling like someone is watching them even when they’re totally alone (gulp!). It’s a delightfully creepy experience for those brave enough to check it out.

Time & Temperature Building

It’s one of the oldest buildings in all of Portland, Maine, and rumor has it — one of the most haunted. If you dare to be spooked, cheap round trip flights can get you to the elegant Time and Temperature building. It’s famed for providing Portland residents with handy information at a glance, but workers tell a more sinister story. According to reports, a female spirit roams the hallways. She’s been known to make the elevators go to entirely different floors than the one selected (despite electricians swearing there’s nothing wrong with the machinery). Office employees, especially those working late nights, have more than once caught sight of a strange woman walking around. But when they go to confront her, she disappears without a trace. While rumors persist about this spirit’s origin story, she remains one of the most commonly seen spirits in all of Portland.

University of Southern Maine

School can be pretty scary, even when you’re not contending with an assortment of spirits sharing your dorm space. The University of Southern Maine is widely considered to be home to a surprising number of spirits, so if you get a chance to walk the campus (or take an evening tour), keep your eyes peeled for some seriously unexplained phenomena. Ghosts have been known to turn lights on and off, switch on computers in empty rooms, and reset clocks — no small crisis when you have an exam to study for!

By far the most haunted of the dorms is Robie-Andrews. Students over the years have seen at least five distinct ghosts, many of them thought to be former students. One exclusively haunts the fourth floor and has been known to cause cold spots that startle even the bravest of visitors. You may see a strange figure on the stairway, or look up at a window to see someone looking back even though the room is actually empty. With so many creepy and unexplained events over the decades, the University of Maine is a ghost lover’s dream come true!

Eastern Cemetery


When it comes to historic cemeteries, Portland has plenty — but by far the oldest (and reportedly most haunted) is Eastern Cemetery. Established way back in 1668, the first settlers to the area laid their dead to rest in this serene spot. Eastern Cemetery was open to the public until the late 1800s, and with all that history there are a few restless spirits said to roam among the gravestones at night. Choose from a number of tours that will provide you with everything you could want to know about the rich history of Portland Maine and the Eastern Cemetery. Feeling brave? Opt for a nighttime tour of the premises — if you dare!

Know of any other spooktacular spots in Portland, Maine? Tell us in the comments below! 

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