Alaska baby, Alaska!


What happens in Vegas could then be done in Alaska if big-time poker player Perry Green gets his way. That's because the "Last Frontier" resident is pushing state officials in Alaska to spend millions on building a major tourist attraction along the Las Vegas Strip.


The plan would be to use Sin City to promote tourism to Alaska. What is being called the Alaska Adventure Center would be constructed in the desert in an effort to attract people to the great north.


The center would include dining options, live shows, a restaurant, shopping and places to plan and book an Alaskan vacation.  However not everyone is on board with this dea, as people from Alaska tourism feel more needs to be done in their state before gambling on this million dollar idea. 


The Alaskan legislature would have to fork over roughly $4 million to get this idea off the ground and are looking into this plan to see if it is worth the bet or if they should walk away.




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