AirTran reports strong third quarter profit


AirTran Airways reported a $36.3 million third quarter profit Friday,
which kept in line with many other airlines' positive financial reports this week.


AirTran saw quite an increase when compared year-over-year as they reported a profit on $10.4 million in 2009 for the same time period. 


However, most of the third quarter profit (roughly $15.3 million) came from fuel hedges. Operating revenues were up 11.8 percent to $668 million and operating expenses were up 9.1 percent to $611.3 million. 


Orlando based AirTran Airways just announced in September that it would be acquired by Dallas-based Southwest Airlines. Pending approval, the deal is expected to close by early 2011. Until that time AirTran will continue to operate separately from Southwest.




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