Airport Travel Apps We Can’t Live Without

Planning Your Trip to the Airport Driving You Crazy?


We know the drill: that mad dash to the airport and checking if you have your passport or license and basically hoping you’ve remembered to pack everything. Well, here are some travel apps that will make your checklist and airport experience a breeze.
Action Method
This free app allows you to basically make projects of pretty much everything that need done. You can put action items and simply click and check off the ones you have completed. If you’re packing, this checklist applies as well. I use this to conquer many of my projects, and it’s a nice feeling to have checked off all those boxes before you go on a flight with cheap tickets.
You may have heard of this app, which consolidates all your emails and reservations from planes, trains and automobiles directly on one handy app so you can see which rental car reservation you have when you disembark in say, Mexico. That’s handy for the entire family too so you don’t have to carry scrap pieces of paper or random reservation emails and hunt for them in your Gmail folder.


Technically a geo-itinerary app, this allows you to see where you’ve been, and also to click and upload any photo as you travel (which you’ll be able to see on your itinerary) once you’re done. The app is a very cool visual aide to fun memories on your trip.
Sit or Squat
This app will give you all the major toilets in the world, and while you may scoff at the idea of downloading this sort of app, it can definitely save you in a pinch. Simply download the app, plug in your coordinates and it will point you in the right direction.
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