This blog post was updated on December 7, 2018.

We reported yesterday how Unite’s BAA members voted to strike, which would cause six European airports to shut down during the walkouts.


But now 24-hours later, the airport operator BAA and the Unite union are planning to meet in hopes of hashing out a deal that would avert any possibilities of a strike.


Both sides will meet “as soon as possible” according to a Friday Associated Press report. Unite will mull over their options this weekend and come to a decision Monday on what actions to take next.


BAA stated that any strikes by workers would force airports like Heathrow, Glasgow and Edinburgh among others to close their doors.


The reason the airports would have to shut down is because striking workers include firefighters, engineers and security guards – all vital to keeping airports safe and running smoothly.


If a strike were to happen, the Unite union members would have to provide seven days notice before doing so. With bank holidays coming up at the end of August, many feel the union will proclaim that as the perfect time to walk.


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