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Hamilton Island, a resort island off of Queensland (Image: Wikimedia)
Hamilton Island seems to have been spared by tropical cyclone Yasi


As tropical cyclone Yasi moves out of the area, airlines operating in Queensland, Australia are weighing their options regarding the resumption of flights.


For now all JetStar, Virgin Blue, and Qantas flights remain suspended as officials wait for winds to die down and reconnaissance teams to report any airport damages.


Tourism representatives in the area are breathing a sigh of relief, however, as many resorts are reporting little to no damage from the storm.


As many as 3,000 tourists had been evacuated from Australian resorts before Yasi hit.


JetStar spokesman Simon Westaway said that thousands of passengers were affected by the storm which forced the closure of four airports.


He said it was too early to say when flights would resume but admitted that service would be staggered at the restart.


All of the airlines are offering affected passengers a refund or the chance to reschedule their flights.


Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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