A few major U.S. airlines are actually working with the Transportation Security Administration on a new "tag your own bags" policy.

According to USA Today, under this new idea, passengers will be allowed to print and place destination tags on their own luggage. While this might sound odd to U.S. residents, the do-it-yourself bag tagging is already being done at certain international airports already. 

American Airlines and Air Canada are already on board with the self-tagging idea and could test it out as early as the beginning of the busy holiday season at Boston's Logan International Airport.  Delta informed USA Today that the carrier is going to unveil a similar program at another airport.

How the service works is simple. Passengers arrive at the airport, print the tags for their flight at a self-service kiosk and then proceed to an agent that will scan the bar code and plae it on a conveyor belt. The TSA will still check for explosives before boarding the bags onto the plane.

If all goes well with the tests then expect a complete overhaul of the way U.S. airports check bags at airports nationwide. Currently 32 airports allow self-tagging internationally, such as locations like Amsterdam and Stockholm. In certain airports customers never interact with a TSA agent.

What do you think of the idea of do-it-yourself bag tagging? Good idea that will save you time and airlines money? Or is it a bad idea since it may lead to less jobs at airports? Leave a comment below.

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  1. will

    It seems like it would eliminate more jobs in a market that is already struggling with unemployment. Typically, a reduction in employees do not lead to lower prices…only larger profits!

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