American among airlines adding summer travel fees.

Airlines add new summer travel fees


Summer air travel just got a little more expensive with new fees introduced by various airlines.  USA Today is reporting that carriers are quietly adding on these fees for peak summer travel, with the exception of July 4th, which is actually a very quiet travel day.


Customers can expect to fork over $10 extra each way when flying Tuesdays and Wednesdays and a whopping $30 each way on Sundays. The airlines involved include American, Continental, Delta, United and US Airways. Low-cost carriers like JetBlue will not add these extra fees.


Surcharges will be added to tickets between June 10th and August 23rd, in other words the entire summer. 


What do you think of these pesky travel fees being added by the airlines for summer travel? Leave a comment below. 


Source:  USA Today



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