This blog post was updated on November 20, 2018.

Hurricane Irene Keeping Planes on the Ground


Flight cancellations due to Hurricane Irene are starting to grow.

Hundreds of flights are expected to be cancelled this weekend because of the hurricane.

An American Airlines affiliate, American Eagle cancelled 126 flights to the Caribbean Thursday.

A majority of them were in the Bahamas and South Florida, which includes Miami.

According to the USA Today report, flight cancellations from Hurricane Irene are expected to continue Friday and Saturday.

People with flights out of Boston to Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina may have their trips delayed to Sept. 7th without incurring any fees.

One traveling couple on the East Coast has all ready experienced a hurricane and a earth quake. The traveler was quoted: “We’ve had an earthquake and a hurricane so far. We’ll see what’s next.”

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