Hurricane Alex bearing down on Texas and Mexico


Hurricane Alex is on the move and headed toward southern Texas and northeastern Mexico. Once it reaches land, many airlines are expected to delay and cancel flights.


Airlines will be offering waivers for travelers that want to avoid such hurricane related travel annoyances. One such airline is Continental, which will waive change fees for customers traveling to, from or through airports affected by the storm. The airline will loosen rules applied to the original travel dates between June 29 and July 5 for some airports in Texas and Mexico.


If rescheduled travel starts by July 19, the difference in fare prices will also be waived. Fare differences may apply after July 19. Customers with travel dates originating between June 26 and July 1 for some airports in Mexico, Belize and Honduras will also be eligible for a
free change of travel dates if rescheduled travel starts by July 15.


Delta Airlines, which operates in McAllen, Texas, and Monterrey, Mexico might also be affected by the storm. If you're traveling to, from or through between June 29 and July 2, the airline will provide a one-time free waiver. However you must reschedule the flight no later than July 4.


American Airlines also has a similar policy set up offering no fee changes for affected travelers. No matter what airline you're flying with this next week, or during hurricane season, always check the carrier's website before heading to the airport.


Source: Associated Press  

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