Returning troops are greeted by family and friends at Dallas Fort 
Worth International Airport (Image courtest of the U.S. Army)
Returning troops are greeted at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport


American Airlines, United-Continental, and Delta are all revising their extra bag fee policies for United States troops traveling on orders.


The change in policy for the airlines followed a week of outrage from the American public after a video posted to Youtube showed two servicemen being quoted for $2,800 in bag fees on a recent Delta flight.


Under the new policies, servicemen and women will be able to check four free bags on Delta and United-Continental flights and up to five free bags on all American Airlines flights.


Earlier this week, Delta issued an apology to the troop members who were charged the massive fees and pledged reimbursement.    


Source: USA Today

Flickr: The U.S. Army

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