US Airlines report 2.1 billion in second quarter
Delta gained the most profit in second quarter


U.S. airlines collected $2.1 billion in extra charges and fees from passengers in the second quarter. That’s a 13 percent increase from the first three months of the year, the government announced Monday.


The extra charges and fees assisted major U.S. airlines in posting their first profitable quarter since 2007. A majority of the fees came from checked luggage, which increased 16 percent to $893 million. 


Reservation fees totaled $594 million, up from $553.9 million in the first quarter of this year. Airlines recorded $618 million in ancillary revenue, which includes revenue from frequent-flier award program mileage sales and fees regarding pets.


Additional fees, such as revenue from seating assignments and on-board food, drink, and amenities, are not broken down by the government. 


Delta, currently world’s largest airline, made the most money in total extras at $682 million. American is next in line, followed by US Airways.


Source: msnbc

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