Japan Airlines plane parked at Narita Airport

Where will Japan Airlines wind up in 2010? American ro Delta?



According to numerous reports, financially strapped Japan Airlines is now looking to stay put as a partner with American Airlines and the oneworld alliance.


If this does occur, it would make Delta Airlines look pretty silly after they spent billions on trying to court JAL onto their team.


Sources that have yet to reveal themselves publicly have stated that after declaring bankruptcy in January, Japan Airlines is looking to continue working with American Airlines and plans to stop talks with rival Delta going forward.


However as this drama has unfolded over the last few months, many "rumors" and "speculation" have often times come up wrong. As always stay tuned for the next chapter in what is becoming quite the airline soap opera. 


Where do you think Japan Airlines will finally land? Do you see them staying with American and continuing their partnership or will JAL jump ship (or plane) and start working with Delta? Let us know what you think.


Update (Tuesday 9am): Japan Airlines officially announced on Tuesday that it is in fact staying with American Airlines, rejecting a deal with Delta.


Source: USA Today and Associated Press

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